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Navigate the Recruiting Landscape with OFP Baseball 

OFP Baseball is a baseball consulting firm that helps families navigate the unpredictable recruiting landscape while being a trusted point of contact between the player and the school that best fits their needs.

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What is OFP Baseball?

OFP Baseball is owned and operated by former professional player and scout Michael Quesada. The company got its name because OFP stands "Overall Future Potential", which is the scouting scale that prospects are graded and projected upon. Through the lens of a professional scout, OFP Baseball is dedicated to helping young athletes achieve their dreams of playing college baseball and beyond. Utilizing nationwide connections and professional protocols, Michael provides personalized guidance and mentorship throughout the recruiting process to help players find the best fit for their needs and abilities. We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients and their families to ensure their success both on and off the field.

Michael's Bio:

  • 2010 MLB draft pick by Minnesota Twins

  • 5 year MiLB playing career

  • 5 year Minnesota Twins Area Scout

  • 5x Area Code Games selection coach

  • 2 year MLB Scout for Texas Rangers

  • 2023 World Series Champion 

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Through the OFP system, Michael will take you step by step through understanding where you are presently, and where he sees your future projection as a player. As a trusted advocate for you to coaches, you will learn where your talent best fits as well what type of player coaches are investing into. 

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Michael Quesada coached me throughout my high school baseball career, and I can say with 100% confidence that his guidance was instrumental in helping me achieve my dream of playing college baseball. From the very beginning, he demonstrated an unparalleled dedication to my development both on and off the field. His deep understanding of the game, gained through years of playing and scouting at professional levels, allowed him to provide insights that no one else could. What set Quesada apart for me was not just the technical knowledge, but the ability to help me understand the mental toughness that is required at the college and professional level. He taught me how to read the game like a scout, understanding the nuances that can make or break a player's performance. The experience that he has allows him to know exactly where players need to improve whether that be on the field, in the weight room, or even in the areas of nutrition and sleep. His feedback was always constructive, honest, and helped me see the bigger picture of my career trajectory. Quesada’s network and connections within the baseball world opened doors for me that would have been otherwise inaccessible. His endorsements and advice were pivotal in my recruitment process and getting invited to the Area Code Games. He provided me with vital information and insight into how to evaluate college programs and how to make the right decision on which school and coaching staff to play for. With Michael Quesada I have more than a coach; I have a mentor, a guide, and a supporter who believed in my potential and was dedicated to help me achieve it. I am extremely grateful for his impact on my life and career, and I am confident that his expertise can help any player fortunate enough to work with him. To aspiring collegiate athletes, Quesada offers not just a pathway to higher levels of play, but a foundation for success in baseball and beyond.

Hideki Prather, Freshman catcher at Clemson University

"Michael has a great eye for the game. I’m excited for him to be able to work more directly with individuals, to share his knowledge and help maximize their potential."

Chris Hom, Tampa Bay Rays Scout

"Michael is one of the most loyal, trustworthy, and hard working people I have come across. His ability to evaluate, develop, and build relationships with players, families, and coaches is second to none. I look forward to Michael’s player recommendations for UC Davis for years to come."

Andrew Ayers, UC Davis Assistant Coach and Recruiting Coordinator

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