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The OFP System

As a scout, when talking to even the top prospects in the country, I found that very few actually know what they are being evaluated on. How are you expected to know what you need to work on if you don't even know what evaluators are looking for? In the OFP system, you will learn not only what you do well, but also what you don't do well, so you know exactly where you stand and give yourself the best opportunity to make the right decision about your future.

Step by Step Process

  • Step 1: Unbiased Evaluation- You will have a professional evaluation written by a scout who has seen players at every level and age group around the world. The evaluation will be ongoing and fluid, as you are expected to improve your game over time. This evaluation is yours to share as you please.

  • Step 2: Player Development Plan- Based off of your evaluation and utilizing professional baseball protocols, you will have a roadmap to improving your tools and skills in order to reach your full potential. Not all players are ready to be recruited, but we will formulate a plan to get you prepared.

  • Step 3: Player Promotion- Through both social media and a network of coaching connections, we will collaborate on which schools are in need of a player like you and which schools best fit both your academic and athletic desires. 

  • Step 4: Be Seen- Once we have gotten your game to a place where you are ready to be recruited and have targeted schools of interests, we will work to put you in the best position to be evaluated by those schools by attending the proper camps and showcases. You don't need to do all of the events, just the right ones. This saves your family money which can be allocated into your training and game preparation. 

In Addition

Not only do you get the OFP system, you also get:

  • ​24/7 access to Michael whenever you need

  • Monthly video conference check ins and updates

  • Lifetime professional mentorship, because development doesn't stop after you are committed

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